Raw MP3 Archive

379 MB6:54Sat, 17-Feb-2018Bootie SF: Beyoncé Mashup Night
240 MB4:22Sat, 17-Feb-2018Velvet Acid Christ
167 MB3:02Fri, 16-Feb-2018Bayne Lane World Tour
441 MB8:02Fri, 16-Feb-2018So Stoked: For Love
185 MB3:23Thu, 15-Feb-2018Kappa Social Annual
219 MB4:00Tue, 13-Feb-2018Astronomy on Tap
274 MB4:59Mon, 12-Feb-2018Death Guild
152 MB2:46Mon, 12-Feb-2018Monday Night Hubba: Almost Valentine's Day
230 MB4:11Sun, 11-Feb-2018Room 39
338 MB6:10Sun, 11-Feb-2018Hardcore In The Bay: 2018
351 MB6:23Sat, 10-Feb-2018Bootie SF: Valentine's Party
233 MB4:14Fri, 9-Feb-2018Hubba Hubba Revue: Hubba History of the World Part One Vol. 2
443 MB8:04Fri, 9-Feb-2018United in Hardcore: Official HTID USA Preparty
164 MB3:00Fri, 9-Feb-2018Mortified: 12th Annual Doomed Valentine's Show
272 MB5:00Thu, 8-Feb-2018Control: Grandtheft
276 MB5:03Mon, 5-Feb-2018Death Guild
142 MB2:35Mon, 5-Feb-2018Monday Night Hubba: Mondarchy
358 MB6:31Sat, 3-Feb-2018Bootie SF: Mardi Gras Mashquerade
159 MB2:54Fri, 2-Feb-2018Tom Gun Live: Late Show
137 MB2:30Fri, 2-Feb-2018Tom Gun Live: Early Show

276 MB5:02Mon, 29-Jan-2018Death Guild
156 MB2:51Mon, 29-Jan-2018Monday Night Hubba
242 MB4:30Sat, 27-Jan-2018Turbo Drive: Shredder 1984
353 MB6:26Sat, 27-Jan-2018Bootie SF: Winter Pool Party
455 MB8:17Fri, 26-Jan-2018So Stoked: Rave to the Grave II
278 MB5:03Thu, 25-Jan-2018Control: Lunice
279 MB5:05Mon, 22-Jan-2018Death Guild
157 MB2:52Mon, 22-Jan-2018Monday Night Hubba
273 MB4:58Sat, 20-Jan-2018The Queen is Dead: 7 Year Anniversary
350 MB6:22Sat, 20-Jan-2018Bootie SF: Bowie vs. Prince Mashup Night
133 MB2:28Sat, 20-Jan-2018The Dirty Talk Game Show
547 MB10:02Fri, 19-Jan-2018Psy Bloom
276 MB5:02Mon, 15-Jan-2018Death Guild
160 MB2:55Mon, 15-Jan-2018Monday Night Hubba
353 MB6:25Sat, 13-Jan-2018Bootie SF: Adrian A's Belated Birthday
213 MB3:53Sat, 13-Jan-2018Night Party
241 MB4:23Fri, 12-Jan-2018Hubba Hubba Revue: Oh Canada
387 MB7:03Fri, 12-Jan-2018Back 2 Basic: Beauz
164 MB3:00Fri, 12-Jan-2018Mortified
278 MB5:03Thu, 11-Jan-2018Control: Coming Soon
278 MB5:04Mon, 8-Jan-2018Death Guild
162 MB2:57Mon, 8-Jan-2018Monday Night Hubba
314 MB5:43Sun, 7-Jan-2018New Year Kick-Off
323 MB5:53Sun, 7-Jan-2018No Pants Subway Ride
365 MB6:39Sat, 6-Jan-2018Bootie SF: NYE Do-Over Party
152 MB2:46Fri, 5-Jan-2018Tom Gun Live: Late Show
303 MB5:31Fri, 5-Jan-2018Riddim Hours: Definitive
136 MB2:28Fri, 5-Jan-2018Tom Gun Live: Early Show
274 MB5:02Mon, 1-Jan-2018Death Guild

373 MB6:47Sun, 31-Dec-2017Bootie SF: NYE 2018
302 MB5:30Sun, 31-Dec-2017Bootie SF: Upstairs
341 MB6:13Sat, 30-Dec-2017Bootie SF: NYE Pre-Game Party
337 MB6:08Fri, 29-Dec-2017Hotline: Winter Wonderland
303 MB5:31Mon, 25-Dec-2017Death Guild: X-Mess Night
311 MB5:40Sat, 23-Dec-2017Bootie SF: Island of Misfit Toys
449 MB8:11Fri, 22-Dec-2017So Stoked: For Christmas
268 MB4:53Thu, 21-Dec-2017Control: Jackal
272 MB4:57Wed, 20-Dec-2017Education First Grad Party
276 MB5:01Mon, 18-Dec-2017Death Guild
168 MB3:04Mon, 18-Dec-2017Monday Night Hubba: Holiday Party
319 MB5:48Sun, 17-Dec-2017Grow The Scene: Rockmare Before Christmas
361 MB6:36Sat, 16-Dec-2017Bootie SF: Star Wars Holiday Special
161 MB2:56Sat, 16-Dec-2017The Dirty Talk Game Show
365 MB6:39Sat, 16-Dec-2017Five and Diamond: Holiday Loft Sale
433 MB7:55Fri, 15-Dec-2017Acid Rain: Dimensions
357 MB6:31Fri, 15-Dec-2017Acid Rain: Upstairs
279 MB5:07Thu, 14-Dec-2017Control: Black Label Tour
275 MB5:01Mon, 11-Dec-2017Death Guild
149 MB2:43Mon, 11-Dec-2017Monday Night Hubba
231 MB4:12Sun, 10-Dec-2017Turbo Drive: Betamaxx
267 MB4:49Sun, 10-Dec-2017Black Dawn
431 MB7:51Sat, 9-Dec-2017Bootie SF: Santacon After-Party
303 MB5:31Sat, 9-Dec-2017Dogpatch Winos & Jaks Team Holiday Mixer
242 MB4:24Fri, 8-Dec-2017Hubba Hubba Revue: Holiday Spectacular
269 MB4:54Fri, 8-Dec-2017Mortified: Best of 2017 Megashow
262 MB4:46Thu, 7-Dec-2017Control: Figure & Midnight Tyrannosaurus
191 MB3:29Thu, 7-Dec-2017Vinyl Williams Weeed
275 MB5:00Mon, 4-Dec-2017Death Guild
160 MB2:54Mon, 4-Dec-2017Monday Night Hubba
222 MB4:03Sun, 3-Dec-2017Skating Polly & Starcrawler
259 MB4:43Sun, 3-Dec-2017Darkest Hour
357 MB6:30Sat, 2-Dec-2017Bootie SF: Hubba Hubba Holiday Party
387 MB7:03Sat, 2-Dec-2017Back 2 Basic: Snafu
311 MB5:41Fri, 1-Dec-2017Riddim Hours: Oolacile
258 MB4:44Fri, 1-Dec-2017Бумбокс + The Erised

272 MB4:59Mon, 27-Nov-2017Death Guild
165 MB3:03Mon, 27-Nov-2017Monday Night Hubba
353 MB6:26Sat, 25-Nov-2017Bootie SF: Dranksgiving
209 MB3:48Sat, 25-Nov-2017Miami Vice
453 MB8:15Fri, 24-Nov-2017So Stoked: Paradox
308 MB5:37Wed, 22-Nov-2017Dark Sparkle
239 MB4:21Tue, 21-Nov-2017Cattle Decapitation
277 MB5:03Mon, 20-Nov-2017Death Guild
160 MB2:55Mon, 20-Nov-2017Monday Night Hubba: Klown Night
357 MB6:35Sat, 18-Nov-2017Bootie SF: Pumpkin Spice Bootie
187 MB3:25Sat, 18-Nov-2017Koi Division
312 MB5:42Fri, 17-Nov-2017Mercury Soul: Burlesque and Beats: the 1920s French Underground
274 MB4:59Thu, 16-Nov-2017Control: Trollphace
267 MB4:52Wed, 15-Nov-2017Dance With The Dead & Gost
277 MB5:02Mon, 13-Nov-2017Death Guild
151 MB2:45Mon, 13-Nov-2017Monday Night Hubba
194 MB3:31Sun, 12-Nov-2017Dead Boys
241 MB4:23Sun, 12-Nov-2017Punk-Metal Flea Market
359 MB6:33Sat, 11-Nov-2017Bootie SF: Britney vs. Everybody
201 MB3:38Sat, 11-Nov-2017'68
224 MB4:06Fri, 10-Nov-2017Hubba Hubba Revue: Cease & Desist: Formerly The One With Animals
274 MB5:00Fri, 10-Nov-2017Mortified
256 MB4:40Thu, 9-Nov-2017Holden Wedding
211 MB3:50Tue, 7-Nov-2017Within The Ruins
121 MB2:12Tue, 7-Nov-2017Astronomy on Tap
277 MB5:03Mon, 6-Nov-2017Death Guild
181 MB3:17Mon, 6-Nov-2017Monday Night Hubba: 10th Anniversary
331 MB6:01Sun, 5-Nov-2017Grow The Scene: Fallout Festival
161 MB2:56Sun, 5-Nov-2017Hoodslam: Sexy Good Time Wrestle Sequel
371 MB6:45Sat, 4-Nov-2017Bootie SF: Our 500th Party
130 MB2:22Fri, 3-Nov-2017Tom Gun Live: Late Show
281 MB5:07Fri, 3-Nov-2017Sudden Death & Yakz
222 MB4:03Fri, 3-Nov-2017Tom Gun Live: Early Show
199 MB3:37Thu, 2-Nov-2017Spite
148 MB2:45Wed, 1-Nov-2017Nudie Nubies

324 MB5:53Tue, 31-Oct-2017All Hallow's Eve
278 MB5:04Tue, 31-Oct-2017All Hallow's Eve: Upstairs
304 MB5:32Mon, 30-Oct-2017Death Guild: The Darkest Night
271 MB4:56Mon, 30-Oct-2017Death Guild: Upstairs
273 MB4:58Sun, 29-Oct-2017Turbo Drive: Protector 101
459 MB8:21Sun, 29-Oct-2017Fright Night
297 MB5:24Sat, 28-Oct-2017Bootie SF: Upstairs
389 MB7:05Sat, 28-Oct-2017Bootie SF: Halloween Booootie
390 MB7:06Fri, 27-Oct-2017So Stoked: Upstairs
575 MB10:28Fri, 27-Oct-2017So Stoked: Graveyard
208 MB3:48Thu, 26-Oct-2017Fright Night
213 MB3:53Thu, 26-Oct-2017Goosebumps
238 MB4:20Wed, 25-Oct-2017Education First Grad Party
278 MB5:04Mon, 23-Oct-2017Death Guild
169 MB3:05Mon, 23-Oct-2017Monday Night Hubba
219 MB4:00Sun, 22-Oct-2017Mr. International Freedom Contest
203 MB3:42Sun, 22-Oct-2017Crooked Teeth
358 MB6:31Sat, 21-Oct-2017Bootie SF: Bar Mitzvah vs. Quinceañera
166 MB3:01Fri, 20-Oct-2017Tom Gun Live: Late Show
239 MB4:21Fri, 20-Oct-2017Tom Gun Live: Early Show
303 MB5:31Wed, 18-Oct-2017Warning
276 MB5:01Mon, 16-Oct-2017Death Guild
167 MB3:07Mon, 16-Oct-2017Monday Night Hubba: Gold Town Burlesque
202 MB3:41Sun, 15-Oct-2017Bare Chest Calendar Contest
382 MB6:57Sat, 14-Oct-2017Phantasmagoria
357 MB6:30Sat, 14-Oct-2017Bootie SF: '90s vs. '00s Mashup Night
232 MB4:13Fri, 13-Oct-2017Hubba Hubba Revue: Murder Mansion
286 MB5:13Fri, 13-Oct-2017Turbo Drive: Tonebox + Lucy in Disguise
273 MB4:59Fri, 13-Oct-2017Mortified
273 MB4:59Thu, 12-Oct-2017Control: Disciple Takeover
242 MB4:24Wed, 11-Oct-2017Slough Feg
124 MB2:15Wed, 11-Oct-2017Debut: Fuerza
233 MB4:14Tue, 10-Oct-2017Skeleton Hands
184 MB3:21Tue, 10-Oct-2017Barb Wire Dolls
275 MB5:01Mon, 9-Oct-2017Death Guild
179 MB3:16Mon, 9-Oct-2017Monday Night Hubba: Sweet Belize's Birthday
261 MB4:46Sun, 8-Oct-2017Soulfly
345 MB6:17Sat, 7-Oct-2017Bootie SF: Depeche Mode vs. The Cure
392 MB7:09Sat, 7-Oct-2017Back 2 Basic: Mark G
386 MB7:02Fri, 6-Oct-2017Trance Family: 4 Strings
304 MB5:34Fri, 6-Oct-2017Riddim Hours: Helicopter Showdown
278 MB5:04Thu, 5-Oct-2017Control: Gentlemens Club
164 MB2:59Wed, 4-Oct-2017Nudie Nubies
275 MB5:00Mon, 2-Oct-2017Death Guild
183 MB3:20Mon, 2-Oct-2017Monday Night Hubba: Mone't Ha-Sidi's Black Arts Matter
387 MB7:03Sun, 1-Oct-2017Grow The Scene: Rocktober Fest
233 MB4:14Sun, 1-Oct-2017Hoodslam: Sexy Good Time Wrestle Show

61 MB1:10Sat, 30-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Upstairs
357 MB6:31Sat, 30-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Rihanna Grande
330 MB6:00Fri, 29-Sep-2017Hotline
309 MB5:38Fri, 29-Sep-2017Hotline: Upstairs
160 MB2:55Thu, 28-Sep-2017Alpha Phi Invitational
216 MB3:56Thu, 28-Sep-2017Control: Funtcase
243 MB4:25Wed, 27-Sep-2017Ex Mortus
276 MB5:02Mon, 25-Sep-2017Death Guild
189 MB3:26Mon, 25-Sep-2017Monday Night Hubba: Burn Unit Hubba: Alexa's Birthday Roast
411 MB7:29Sun, 24-Sep-2017Top The Hole
220 MB4:00Sat, 23-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Upstairs
347 MB6:19Sat, 23-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Folsom Pre-Party
277 MB5:03Sat, 23-Sep-2017AIDS Emergency Fund Benefit
305 MB5:33Fri, 22-Sep-2017Recon
227 MB4:08Fri, 22-Sep-2017Wander
155 MB2:49Thu, 21-Sep-2017ZTA Social
262 MB4:46Thu, 21-Sep-2017Control: Netsky
275 MB5:00Mon, 18-Sep-2017Death Guild
157 MB2:52Mon, 18-Sep-2017Monday Night Hubba: Sophilya's Birthday
372 MB6:47Sun, 17-Sep-2017Bay Area Breakdown
200 MB3:38Sun, 17-Sep-2017Best of The Bay Beauty & Barber Show
232 MB4:14Sun, 17-Sep-2017Raunch: After Hours: Replay
321 MB5:54Sat, 16-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Upstairs
368 MB6:44Sat, 16-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Daft Punk vs. Chainsmokers Mashup Night
107 MB1:57Sat, 16-Sep-2017The Dirty Talk Game Show
256 MB4:40Fri, 15-Sep-2017The Seeds
480 MB8:45Fri, 15-Sep-2017So Stoked: Liquid Light
169 MB3:04Thu, 14-Sep-2017Private Party
249 MB4:32Thu, 14-Sep-2017Control: Habstrakt
264 MB4:49Wed, 13-Sep-2017Perturbator
274 MB4:59Mon, 11-Sep-2017Death Guild
162 MB2:57Mon, 11-Sep-2017Monday Night Hubba: Tygre's Birthday Musical
230 MB4:14Sun, 10-Sep-2017MC Lars
205 MB3:44Sun, 10-Sep-2017Hoodslam: Beyond the Pale
151 MB2:45Sat, 9-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Upstairs
356 MB6:29Sat, 9-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Post-Burn Party
233 MB4:15Fri, 8-Sep-2017Hubba Hubba Revue: 11 Year Anniversary
262 MB4:46Fri, 8-Sep-2017Mortified
196 MB3:34Thu, 7-Sep-2017Vopli Vidopliasova
157 MB2:51Wed, 6-Sep-2017Nudie Nubies
285 MB5:11Wed, 6-Sep-2017Decapitated & Thy Art is Murder
277 MB5:03Mon, 4-Sep-2017Death Guild
153 MB2:47Mon, 4-Sep-2017Monday Night Hubba: Agents of T.E.A.S.E.
412 MB7:30Sun, 3-Sep-2017Acid Rain: Labor Daze
333 MB6:04Sun, 3-Sep-2017Acid Rain: Upstairs
142 MB2:38Sat, 2-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Upstairs
354 MB6:29Sat, 2-Sep-2017Bootie SF: Back To School Party
131 MB2:28Fri, 1-Sep-2017Tom Gun Live: Late Show
354 MB6:31Fri, 1-Sep-2017Riddim Hours: Digitist
221 MB4:06Fri, 1-Sep-2017Tom Gun Live: Early Show

253 MB4:37Wed, 30-Aug-2017Plini
287 MB5:15Mon, 28-Aug-2017Death Guild
159 MB2:53Mon, 28-Aug-2017Monday Night Hubba
332 MB6:02Sun, 27-Aug-2017Grow The Scene: Midsummer Scream
156 MB2:50Sat, 26-Aug-2017Bootie SF: Upstairs
357 MB6:30Sat, 26-Aug-2017Bootie SF: Michael Jackson Mashup Night
327 MB5:57Fri, 25-Aug-2017Drop Cult
207 MB3:47Fri, 25-Aug-2017Kristeen Young
221 MB4:02Thu, 24-Aug-2017Control: Quix + Matroda
275 MB5:00Mon, 21-Aug-2017Death Guild
160 MB2:54Mon, 21-Aug-2017Monday Night Hubba