Robot Entry Form

Greetings, roboticists!

This is the form for registering your robot as a participant in the DNA Lounge Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge on Sunday, July 16, 2017. If you're you're looking for the page where you can buy tickets as a spectator and/or victim, that's over here.

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All fields are required, except as noted.

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Registering your robot for the contest is a two-stage process. First: purchase a contestant ticket. (Don't just buy a regular "spectator" ticket by mistake!) Second, paste your confirmation code for that ticket in this form.
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Maximum 4. If there are multiple people on your team, give us a single point of contact. We won't share your email or phone number with anyone.

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Booze needs:
We will provide alcohol and mixers from our bar. Tell us what your robot's alcohol needs are: how much, and what.

Power: We will provide 110VAC, 10A. If your robot runs on something else (e.g. steam, plutonium, the souls of the damned) you'll have to provide that.


Give us a few sentences describing your robot and why it is awesome, for use on the calendar and event invitations.

Photo: If you have a photo or rendering of your robot, please email it to
And that's about it!
Load-in is at 1pm on the day of the event. Load-out is at midnight. We can't store anything for you. If your robot is too drunk to drive itself home, please arrange its transport as we won't be responsible for anything or anyone left behind.