Monthly and Weekly Events

Multiple dates are available for these recurring events!

Bootie SF
Death Guild
Hubba Hubba Revue
Turbo Drive

Recently Announced

So Stoked: For Pride
FM-84 & The Midnight

Upcoming Live Shows

The Pathogens
With Kamala and the Karnivores, The Love Songs, The Hammerbombs (at Turn It Around)
Days and Daze
With Kevin Seconds, We the Heathens, Ghost Town Gospel
Turbo Drive: 4 Year Anniversary
With Surrogate Brains, Party Force
Mr. Kitty
With The Rain Within, Vore Aurora
Big D and the Kids Table
With Left Alone, Doped Up Dollies
With Young and in the Way
Self Defense Family
With Plush, The Down House, High and Fragile
The Magnettes
With Songs from the Black Lodge, The Y Axes, The Go Ahead
Fit For An Autopsy
With Tombs, Moon Tooth
The Purple Ones
With Levi Seacer Jr (at House Quake)
With Julien K, Ghostfeeder, Suicide Queen
FM-84 & The Midnight
Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge
Alvarez Kings
With The Trims, Neverlyn (at Alverez Kings)
With Visceral Disgorge, Putrid Pile, The Kennedy Veil, Crepitation, Aenimus, Wastewalker (at Bay Area Death Fest)
Dying Fetus
With Cattle Decapitation, Fallujah, Unmerciful, Party Cannon, Cephalotripsy, Incinerate, Aethere (at Bay Area Death Fest)
With Thy Art is Murder

Tickets Also Available for these DJ Events

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Raunch: After Hours
The Awakening
USA vs Canada: A Night of Muay Thai Fighting
Meat vs. Death Guild
Broadway Bares
So Stoked: For Pride
Raunch: After Hours: Ascension
Raunch: After Hours: Red Eye
Big Muscle Party: Dore Edition
Nina's Awesome Hair Extravaganza