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Multiple dates are available for these recurring events!

Bootie SF
Death Guild
Hubba Hubba Revue
Odd Salon

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Upcoming Live Shows

Meat Beat Manifesto
Grow The Scene: Rocktoberfest
Odd Salon: Justice
With Unearth, Battlecross, Wovenwar, Darkness Divided
Abrasive Wheels
With Fang, Bite, Infirmities
All Hallow's Eve
Adore Delano
Odd Salon: Escape
Nina Diaz
With TeamMate, Lungs and Limbs
King Dude
With Vowws, Foie Gras
Hed PE
With Wolvhammer
Odd Salon: Legacy
With Inertia, Vore Aurora
Odd Salon: Oddments

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Death Guild: The Darkest Night
Trekkie Trax Crew
Dark Sparkle