Vinyl Stickers

DNA Lounge vinyl stickers! They come in any colors you like, as long as those colors are green on black. They are 6¼" × 2¼", and are $1 each. You can buy these at coat-check or at DNA Pizza, or you can order them right here.

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Foil Stickers

We also have smaller stickers that are specially formulated to re-brand laptops! They are 1¼" × 2⅓", and are also $1 each. They're available at coat-check, DNA Pizza, and right here.

These are die-cut foil: the DNA Lounge logo is a transparent cut-out. If you stick one of these over the glowing Apple logo on your laptop, the DNA logo will light up, and no other light bleeds through!

You will see no "Ghost Apple" like you always see with other, lesser stickers. No way! The animation to the right is not a simulation.

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