Maybe you've noticed that there's a big LED sign hanging from the DJ booth inside the club. Mostly it scrolls through a list of our upcoming events, but you can add your messages to it as well! Your message might not show up immediately, but it will be repeated a few times. Enter your message here:

Oh, and be nice.


Special codes you can use in your message:

%%R  Red %%X      (Box)
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%%A  Amber %%E  Blink off

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2:59:44 AM
Fri Aug 19 So Stoked: Harder Sum
Fri Aug 19 Trappin in SF: Vol. 2
Sat Aug 20 Hubba Hubba Revue: Wi
Sat Aug 20 Sorry For Party Rocki
2:59:50 AM
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2:59:51 AM
    Fri Aug 26 Com Truise
Fri Sep 2 Robert Parker
Sat Sep 3 Monuments
Fri Sep 9 Mortified
2:59:57 AM
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