415-626-1409 (info)
415-626-4337 (lost+found)
415-626-0166 (restaurant)
415-484-5847 (table svc)
415-626-4337 (accounting)
415-626-2654 (booking)
415-626-2532 (manager)

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Upcoming Events:
Join our announcements mailing lists if you'd like to be notified of upcoming events, last minute changes, and special promotions.

You can also subscribe to our iCal and RSS feeds, or friend us on the various social network sites.

Calendar by Phone:
Call 415-626-1409 for our info line, a voice recording of upcoming events. You can also text us at this number to get a reply with details of our next few events.
Lost and Found:
If you think you lost something at the club, ask at coat check during operating hours: all found items make their way there. You can contact our Department of Found Items at found@dnalounge.com or 415-626-4337 to see if we have your stuff, and to arrange a time to pick it up during the day. Email is best.
Online Store:
If you have questions about your order of tickets or merchandise at our online store, email us at orders@dnalounge.com.

You can check your order status online.

When emailing, please include your confirmation code. If you have lost it, you can retrieve it on the Order Status page.

Bottle Service:
We offer VIP table service at most of our regular events, including a reserved table, a bottle of premium liquor, and more. For details, see our VIP Service page. To order the VIP package, go to the calendar page of the event that you want to attend, and click the approriate "Buy" link. It's that simple! If you have questions about table service, please contact us at 415-484-5847, or email orders@dnalounge.com.
Bookings and Private Parties:
If you're interested in putting on a show here, or renting the club for a private party, mail us at booking@dnalounge.com, or reach our booking office at 415-626-2654. See also our Rentals page.

Please do not add this email address to your mailing list. This address is for booking events here, not for inviting us to your events elsewhere. If we want to be on your mailing list, we will subscribe. Adding people to lists without their permission is called "spamming," and it makes us not like you.

You can reach the fine folks next door at our restaurant, DNA Pizza, at 415-626-0166. Open late, free wifi!
Accounts Payable:
For accounting related questions (such as: "where's my check?") you can email us at accounting@dnalounge.com, or at 415-626-4337. Please don't mix this number up with the general manager or booking numbers: they're different people, and that will slow down the response!
Other Questions:
For everything else, you can call or text our general manager at 415-626-2532 He's available on weekdays starting at around 3PM (hey, we're not in the nightclub business because we like getting up early!)
If you think that you'll get a faster answer by mailing the same question to more than one of these addresses, or by calling every single phone number on this page and leaving the same message on each, you are wrong. All that will do is slow us down, waste our time, and annoy us. So please, please don't do that.

You'd be surprised how many people do that.