Bottle Service

At all of our events in the main room, we offer VIP table service.

To order a VIP package:

Space is limited, so order early!

One of our booths seating 6.

One of our booths seating 12+.

The packages include:

We have four styles of booths:

Single booths include admission for six or nine, and one bottle; double booths include admission for twelve, and two bottles; Front Row VIP tables include admission for five (not six!) and one bottle.

Note: The two downstairs booths have a great view of the stage, but the booths on the balcony level do not have an unimpeded view of the stage. Please keep that in mind if you are reserving a VIP table on a live show night. (However, the two double-sized corner booths do have TVs in them showing a video feed of the stage.)

The Front Row VIP tables, when available, are the best seat in the house.

For bottle service, all members of your party must be 21 or older, with valid ID (even if the event itself is all ages).

After you place your order, we will contact you by email to confirm, and to work out the details of any special requests you may have.

Our bottle selections include:

Our full DNA Pizza menu is also available at your table.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 912-604-5825, or email