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SubSessions & Zero Fucks present
Saturday, March 25
9pm - 2:30am.
techno. breaks.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$20 door.
Above DNA:

The Operator
Sam Drank
Faerie B
Docta Reebs
Prepare for a party of preposterous proportions! The Subsessions crew + Zero Fucks squad teamed up on a new collab party, Spectrum. Here's what's happening: the world of flora and fungi are colliding; as mushroom pigments have started "stealing" the colors from garden plants, resulting in a mesmerizing monochromatic landscape. Can mushrooms pilfer all of the colors from the universe? Or will plants fight back and keep it bright'n'vibrant?

Join us for a bash of mycologically-minded techno and horticulturally-hued breaks, all mixed against the backdrop of an amazing plant pigment pilfering battle. Ticket sales support fundraising efforts by both crews! We'll also have visuals by: wut?

Marvel at the monochromatic botanical world that has been created, and witness the battle between the colorless plants and the fungi that have stolen their hues. Will you help the plants prevent pilfering? Or will you assist the fungal fiends in their fight?