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BLURR Events presents
Bass Drip:
Dack Janiels
Saturday, March 25
9pm - 2:30am.
dubstep. riddim. bass. d+b. house.
$10, $15 limited advance;
$20 after;
$25 door.
Main Room:

Dack Janiels
No Vacancy
Yucky Charms
Bringing the bass down heavy!! Come join us for another night of heavy dub and groovy house, promising to deliver a new journey across the spectrums of bass & dance music.

Dack Janiels, better known as Tanner, was born and raised inthe Bay Area. Dack comes from a background of being a Semi-Pro Skater andlistening to excessive amounts of 'gangster' rap as a rebellious adolescent.After discovering bass music, Dack set out to craft his own blend of hardcrushing bass and gangster vibes by pursuing an education in music productionat ICON Collective. As a graduate of Icon Collective, he was able to hone andperfect his craft as Dack Janiels. He has grabbed attention from bass fans allover the world, for both his production and skills on the decks. Dack laterco-founded the collective '40oz Cult' - a group of young Pro-Skaters andDJ/Producers. The 40oz Cult collective is known for their releases,self-branded shows, and their highly anticipated clothing brand. Dack Janielsand his 40oz Collective define the term Anti-Establishment. Dack ison the path to cause havoc and melt the faces of all Cult members.