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Dystopia 12 Year Anniversary
Friday, March 24
9pm - 2:30am.
drum & bass. jungle and juke.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$25 day of show.
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Gen. Adm. — $15
Above DNA:

Sub Killaz (Playaz / Organized Grime)
Whys (Dislabel LA)
Blunter S. Whompson (Road Tripping Records / Sweetbeats)
Dystopia DNB Star Chamber:
Amber Leigh -b2b- R3M -b2b- Screwtape -b2b- The Doctor
This March marks the Dystopia Twelve-Year Anniversary. 12 years of drum & bass satisfaction for the stateside massive. We proudly present a celebration like none other. To honor the New Year, we have a phenomenal show for all of you drum & bass aficionados...

Some history...12 years ago, Dystopia Drum & Bass took one small step for Primitive Science, one giant leap for Oakland Drum and Bass. Jose ZykesChilly Rodriguez and I never dreamed that our "baby" would grow to 12 years of age. Some of you understand the significance and history of this. What was once a 'rave' genre forced into warehouse side rooms and considered a novelty has grown into a worldwide phenomenon showcased at some of the largest music festivals, high tech clubs on the planet and Twitch!

It has been quite an honor bringing drum & bass to the Bay Area and showcasing local, stateside and international artists. We are looking forward to celebrating Twelve years in the game. We hope that you all are ready to celebrate with us!

If you call yourself a "Junglist" or you are a DnB aficionado, share in the magic with us. If you attended events like BTM or Duffman, this is a show for you. If you know what Homebase is or you attended Eklektic, you should be dancing with us. If you ever attended Dystopia and you know how much we put into BADNB then come pay your respect to a legendary local DNB crew.

We are calling All Junglist's! OG to Newcomers. !Dance and !Bottle at Dystopia's 12-Year!

Sub Killaz: Solo Drum & Bass Producer & DJ with releases on Playaz, Souped Up, Low Down Deep, Serial Killaz, Bio Beats, Dtr, Octave, Technique & more.

Los Angeles local and founder of Dislabel, Jessica Freed aka Whys is an avid participant in Junglist culture in its many different forms. She knows the high energy rhythms that move her soul, and it's that soul she shares with the crowd that make her sets unique and unforgettable.

Blunter S. Whompson: A Cosmic Beatwasher coming at you live from Alpha Centari 5!

DJ W4X: This highly versatile selector mixes electro, deep house and drum & bass. This upcoming artist from the San Francisco Bay Area loves to electrify crowds with bold sounds and has been setting stages on fire in San Francisco and beyond.

Dystopia DNB Star Chamber: Dystopia residents are going to rock four decks with a fiery 4-resident set like no other... This is not to be missed!