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8bitSF & Sawhorse present
Pow XI: A Colossal Night of Sound and Vision
Thursday, March 23
7pm - 1am.
chiptunes. video game music. nerdcore.
all ages.
$19 advance;
$27 day of show;
$15 door with GDC badge.
Performing Live:

Mega Ran (Phoenix - Teacher. Rapper. Hero.)
Danimal Cannon (Buffalo - Impossibly massive sonic sorcery)
Bit Shifter (Brooklyn - Giant sounds from small machines)
Crashfaster (SF - electro-industrial-pop born from the ashes of discarded technology)
Button Masher (Baltimore - Chiptune Shredlord)
nmlstyl (Philadelphia - :many-media-hack: :guitar: :graffiti: :code: :pixelArt: :electronicMusic:)

With DJs:

Danny Delorean
Impirum Crypt


Vorperian Cyberarts
Dæmon Core
Nobel Yoo
8bitsf's annual GDC mega-party POW returns for its epic ELEVENTH year! Join us for a complete sensory overload of chiptune, nerdcore, and video-game-themed music madness. Featuring lush projection-mapped visuals and a celebration of indie gaming.

Mega Ran: Teacher. Rapper. Hero. Mega Ran's penchant for storytelling has impressed retro gamers while garnering respect from Hip-Hop's harshest critics. An incredible Impromptu "freestyle" MC, Random's unique combination of fantasy and introspective hiphop has found its way into TV shows, movies, video games, and even coursework at several universities.

Danimal Cannon is a composer of tight, 8-bit gems that are fast and always have a surprise in store. Live, you probably won't know what to do with yourself because one moment you are relatively chillin' out on a nice, steady beat and the next you're trying to move to a spastic jackpot of sounds. His album "Parallel Processing" was the inspiration for the iOS game Wave Wave. The man is not only a great chiptune composer, but also a guitarist, and a rapper. Expect a tight delivery of some sweet, electronic tunes to spaz out to.

Based in New York City, Bit Shifter explores high-impact, low-res music produced using primitive synthesis as a deliberate aesthetic choice. Adopting a distillation of the less-is-more philosophy, Bit Shifter operates with a standard Nintendo Game Boy as a means of exploring the aesthetics of economy, pushing minimal hardware to its maximum.

Crashfaster combines elements of 8-bit video game music, synth pop and industrial. Their songs, while bright and effervescent, are often darker and more melancholy than the work of most artists associated with the chiptune scene, reflecting themes of loneliness and disenchantment.

Button Masher is a multi-media project that brings together jazz and video game music. This project has received widespread recognition on social media from general audiences, as well as from notable jazz musicians. Just as jazz builds on early popular music, Button Masher project extends retro video game music. As in jazz, each tune includes both structured parts and improvisation. Many of the tunes cover popular video game melodies. Other tunes are originals that utilize the sound design of well-known retro video games.