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GDC Afterparty Meetup
Tuesday, March 21
7pm - midnight.
video game music.
Free with RSVP.
Main Room: Live Music and Lasers

Barbary Ghost
Vorperian Cyberarts

Lounge: Game Demo Stations

Above DNA: Technical Workshop Room

Matt Dondelinger (Unity Technologies)
Angelik Laboy (Dolby.io)
W. Ian Douglas (Postman)
Branden Riggs (Dolby.io)
Oliver Carson (PubNub)
Todd Sharp (AWS IVS / Twitch)
Russell Sng (Unity Technologies)
Stefan Jandl (Sentry)
This is a professional networking event for game developers, artists, students, indies, or really anyone interested in game development. You do NOT need a GDC pass to attend, this is an event open to the public, so please RSVP, attend and show your support.

We've split the event into three separate rooms focused around: music, tech talks and video game demos. We are also excited to announce that the main room will feature a special 22 Watt laser show by Vorperian Cyberarts along with custom video game themed projection mapped visuals.

DJ The Barbary Ghost will be spinning a unique video game themed set. Joshua (AKA The Barbary Ghost) was a Q/A lead on titles such as Sonic Adventure 2, Psychonauts and Skylanders, and produced a number of cinematic tracks for video games from his band "Profondo Delle Tenebre".

Vorperian Cyberarts will be taking over the lasers, and will be operating 4 laser projectors, totaling 22 Watts of power! Additionally, Vorperian Cyberarts will be setting up a custom projection mapped stage with custom visuals, all video game themed, VJ'd by the team. Your mind will be blown by this main stage setup, it will be one of a kind!

The Lounge will be hosted in partnership with our friends at Courage Events, and will feature 15-20 indie game developers who will have their laptops and game consoles out, and will be showing off their latest titles dropping at GDC 2023. You'll be able to play test their titles, provide feedback and ask questions about their development cycle. There will also be booths setup from Dolby, PubNub and more where you'll be able to chat with their teams about your development questions.

In Above DNA, hear from speakers from Dolby, Unity, AWS IVS, Sentry, Postman, PubNub and more! These sessions will be recorded, and you'll have a chance to attend live to learn more about APIs and technical game development concepts. At the end of each session there will be an Q/A where you will get to ask your development questions to the speakers.


Matt Dondelinger (Senior Developer Advocate at Unity Technologies) -- Protecting Your Players with Unity: In this talk, learn how to explore good Microtransaction (MTX) design principles, how to use them to protect your players, and some solutions Unity can offer to successfully monetize your game.

Angelik Laboy (Developer Advocate at Dolby.io) -- Real-time streaming into and out of game engines for interactive experiences: Learn how to implement real time streaming into game engines such as Unity, to create better experiences for your players.

W. Ian Douglas (Sr Developer Advocate at Postman) -- Exploring API types for Game Development: Learn how to compare REST vs Async vs gRPC APIs using Postman and Unity.

Branden Riggs (Developer Advocate at Dolby.io) and Oliver Carson (Developer Advocate at PubNub) -- Spatial Audio and Real Time Messaging: Learn how to set up Spatial Audio and Real Time messaging in your Unity application, for things like leaderboards, chat and more.

Todd Sharp (Developer Advocate at AWS IVS / Twitch) -- Adding Live Streaming to your Browser Based Game: Todd will be showing off how to take an open source game, and show how to live stream it using Amazon IVS, without the need for OBS or Streamlabs.

Russell Sng (Developer Advocate, Unity Technologies) -- Leaderboards with Unity Game Services: Learn how to implement a new leaderboard SDK by Unity into your Unity Projects and games easily.

Stefan Jandl (Unity3D Mobile SDK Software Engineer at Sentry) -- Monitor & Observe your Unity Application with Sentry: Learn how to use Sentry in your Unity application to monitor and observe your video game. Sentry gives developers helpful hints for where and why an error or performance issue might have occurred.

See you all there!