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Sam Khandaghabadi presents
The Last Time We Were Happy Together
Sunday, February 5
4pm - 8pm.
$30 advance;
$40 day of show.
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Gen. Adm. — $30

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Downstairs, Admit 6 — $530
Upstairs, Admit 9 — $640
Double, Admit 12 — $870
Special hosts:

Veda Scott
Wonder Dave


Speedball Mike Bailey
The Last Spinebender Kenny K
Russian Dynamite Masha Slamovich
D Rogue
The Rabit with a Habit Drugz Bunny
Doc Atrocity
Nurse Ratchet
Dark Sheik
Macdaddy M Y L O
James C
El Chupacabra
Anton Voorhees
Richard Shhhnary
Sweet Boone and his demon dog Lil BJ
The Stoner Brothers
Intergalactic Tag Team Champions The Lost Treasures Matt Carlos & Joe DeSoul
Squaaad member Hip Hop Harry former understudy of Da Squaaad Zo
13 years of delivering that sweet Hoodslam style like only we can. #dontbringyourfnkids, Wrestling Rated R!

Before we enter dark days, join the blissfully unaware accidental phenomenon for The Last Time we'll be happy together. Eras end and even the sun goes down.

Speedball Mike Bailey makes their debut against The Last Spinebender Kenny K!

Also making their debut, Russian Dynamite Masha Slamovich!

Kenny K's fellow Squaaadmate D-Rogue takes on the Rabit with a Habit Drugz Bunny!

In the face of impending danger that only he can see, Doc Atrocity employs his strategy of love to sway Nurse Ratchet back under his cyborg wing, hoping to attain an important piece in the mysterious and deadly game soon to unfold. His guilt for opening the rift in reality after the sentient atomic bomb he created detonated itself at "Hoodslam: Forbidden Backdoor" has made him desperate for salvation and redemption. It is this desperation that will cause him to overlook the obvious flaws in his strategy; the mistake he never would have made before he stumbled back on the path to humanity. It looms over him like the blade of a guillotine, but it's not his head on the block, it's his heart.