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Urban Heat + Death Valley High
Tuesday, November 8
7pm - 11:30pm.
post-punk. rock. industrial. synthwave.
all ages.
$14 advance;
$18 day of show.
Urban Heat Death Valley High
Urban Heat fuse dark 80s stylings with modern flourishes, with Horstmann's throaty baritone delivering musings on existence and romanticism against an unrelenting industrial gothic pulse. Their live show is undeniably energetic and engaging. "A lightning rod of dark electro/proto-punk/new wave/synth wave/part goth/part industrial sound that is all the things but...simultaneously transcending them into something fresher" - Laurie Gallardo, KUTX 98.9

From the same vaults that produced Orgy, the Faint, and Marilyn Manson, Californian quartet Death Valley High summon the hard rock spirits on their dance-friendly goth-industrial. Their self-proclaimed "death disco" owes much to the late-'90s sound of those aforementioned makeup-loving groups, but Death Valley High were also influenced -- both sonically and aesthetically -- by post-punk like Joy Division and Bauhaus, industrial like Nine Inch Nails and Pigface, and punk like Black Flag and Samhain.