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Aesthetic Perfection
Friday, November 4
7pm - 11:30pm.
gothic. industrial. ebm.
all ages.
$19 advance;
$25 day of show.
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Electronica meets industrial with this one man band. Daniel Graves created Aesthetic Perfection at the dawn of the 21st century -- decades later, his vision is truer than ever, drawing on punk, pop, metal, and everything in between. Crafting sparse and dark songs to (what else) perfection, Graves hand makes every drum beat, every synth sound, and every lyric. There's some definite misfit sex appeal to Aesthetic Perfection, though it transcends all the temporal things like gender. Graves alternately yells and croons over his robotic compositions with a voice reminiscent of the best of the emo era, adding a catchy layer of singability to his already seamless tunes. Live, Aesthetic Perfection adds a bass and drummer to fill out the sound and accompany Graves as he sings directly to the audience. Part Mindless Self Indulgence and part sexy Rob Halford, Graves has the mastered the ability to work every part of the stage. Serious industrial chops like Aesthetic Perfection needs to let loose every once in a while, so you can expect a fun cover (perhaps "Drives Me Crazy" by Fine Young Cannibals?) mixed in with the more somber rivet tracks. Dancing is an absolute must to Aesthetic Perfection's energetic live set, whether you choose to copy Graves' signature pogo or come up with a new, upbeat goth-sway of your own.