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Snowblood + Graveyardguy
Friday, October 14
9pm - 1am.
hyperpop. electro.
all ages.
$12 advance;
$15 day of show.
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Gen. Adm. — $12
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Plus guests, TBA!
When Snowblood first heard the Mystery Skulls demo that'd eventually become her new album's title track, the musician says she "thought it sounded like something I'd want to dance to in a sweaty packed out club." Relentlessly pounding, like hardstyle ricocheting off a warehouse wall, "I'm Ready" took shape effortlessly. Released in 2020, it is Snowblood's official entry into the hyperpop world, having proven her authority in the space as a founding member of iconic electro-pop Myspace group, Millionaires.

Snowblood's newest single, "Freaky Freaky," is an aptly-titled celebration of letting one's freak flag fly, all set to a spacey, sinister electronic soundscape with a helium-high hook. "It's basically about a sexy alien babe at a cyber strip club falling in love so hard she wants to leave her promiscuous life behind and be freaky with her new lover forever," Snowblood shares of the kinky-cosmic concept behind the track.

Dustin Nickle, better known as Graveyardguy, is a singer-songwriter and dark-pop musician from Pennsylvania. He is known for incorporating horror themes and references into his music. He began songwriting at a young age and, in high school, he started releasing tracks on Soundcloud under another name. In 2016, he debuted his first EP 'Chapel', followed by a few other singles. In 2018, Graveyardguy began collaborating with producer/artist, Ayesha Erotica, on his most recent releases - including the hit single 'Final Girl' featuring pop artist, Slayyyter. This song pays homage to the 1996 horror classic 'Scream' and the tropes of female leads in the horror film genre.