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A Black Wedding
Saturday, October 8
9:30pm - 2:30am.
gothic. industrial. synthpop.
$5 (free for wedding guests).
With DJ:

Joe Radio

Live performance by:



The Noctournal Eye (Angyl Nihthasu)
...Love Never Dies...

17 years ago, Sydney met Devin on the dance floor of Death Guild, and together they forged a love immersed in a subculture that can only be found where drying vodka, clove smoke, black eyeliner and distantly echoing Once Once Once can be heard.

Our beloved Vampire Couple invites you to recapture San Francisco 2005, the haunted carousels of Santa Carla 1987, and ravishing streets of New Orleans 1791. Don your cloaks and leather jackets, your darkest couture and your bloody best, and stomp the night away. (Vampiric wear and 90s/00s goth Heavily encouraged, but whatever clubwear excites your unbeating heart is welcome!) Performance by Ariellah, beats by DJ Joe Radio and more bring us back to the night they met, and the glory that was Goth Clubs in the early 00s. Vampy Drink Specials, coat check, and DNA pizza right next door. Photography by the Nocturnal Eye"

In tragedy and in joy, the creatures of the night Must dance. Please come join us for Once In a Lifetime nuptials.