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Pop Music Video Night:
Levitating Woman: Dua Lipa vs Doja Cat
Saturday, September 3
9pm - 2:30am.
pop. top 40. hiphop. reggaeton. r&b.
$15 advance;
$20 day of show.
Above DNA:

Myke One
Chicken Skratch
Music videos didn't die when MTV and VH1 stopped playing them! Pop Music Video Night is a dance event with VJs/DJs dropping all of the newest and biggest hits, as well as some classic bangers that stood the test of time. Come get down to Pop, Top 40, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, EDM, R&B and anything else you can sing along to. We're setting up a big screen on stage, with the VJs at floor level. There are so many amazing music videos that are still being put out, so think of us as the new MTV.

This month is dedicated to two of the hottest divas in the game: Dua Lipa & Doja Cat. We'll be sure to drop all of their videos, but also be sprinkling in videos from similar artists like The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lizzo, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Lil Nas X, Rihanna, and so many more.

You can also make requests to our VJs! To make a request, follow us on Instagram @popmusicvideonight, then tag us in a reel. If your account is private, accept our follow so we can see your reel. We will try to get your video on the big screen and maybe even give you a quick shout out!