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Eutopagasm: Cosmic Cosplay Convergence
Sunday, August 28
4pm - 9pm.
wrestling. cosplay.

Dark Sheik
The Stoner Brothers
Brittany Wonder
D Rogue
Anton Voorhees
Intergalactic Tag Team Champions Matt Carlos & Joe DeSoul
Broseph Joe Brody
And many many more!
A Cosmic Cosplay Convergence Crossover! Pro Wrestling Rated R / Hoodslam collides with the cosplay antics of Sexy GoodTime Wrestle Show to bring a costumed combat iconoclast!

The accidental phenomenon returns!

If You Have Never Attended A Hoodslam Before, Heed This Caution: You may not survive the experience. Your body and/or mind may prove incapable of handling the sensations that will reverberate throughout.

This is not a concert. This is not a wrestling show. This is Hoodslam. This is Real.