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So Stoked
Harder Summer
Friday, August 19
7pm - 2:30am.
d+b. hardstyle. hardcore. gabber. hard trance.
all ages.
$15, $20 limited advance;
$25 after;
$30 < 9pm;
$35 after.
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Gen. Adm. — $25

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Downstairs, Admit 6 — $530
Upstairs, Admit 9 — $640
Double, Admit 12 — $870
Modestep is a bass-infused band formed in London. Influenced by the strong presence of both rock and underground bass music in the capital, they created a gap in both the rock and electronic worlds which allowed them to stand out from every other act on the bill. The band took the world by storm in 2011 with their track 'Sunlight' which was an instant chart and radio hit. Their sound clearly takes influence from progressive electro and dubstep. As one of their fans stated they like to make music which "makes your brains wobble with low bass filth". In reality not all Modestep's tunes aim to be as filthy as possible, which is much the trend of the times, in what can possibly be seen as a post-dubstep progression; where bass-heavy music is never avoided, however, incorporated in an eclectic manner with electronica. In recent years they have moved more towards faster styles, embracing their UK roots with more Drum and Bass influenced performance.

Lil Texas has become a new household name for speed freaks around the world. You can find Lil Texas' earth-shattering kicks on world-renowned record labels, including Masters Of Hardcore, Barong Family, Welcome Records, and more. A master collaborator, Lil Texas consistently links with forward-thinking acts in dance music and beyond - he's released music alongside Kayzo, Dorian Electra, Deadly Guns, and many more across a variety of styles. Through his unconventional approach to music, he's inspired artists who've never delved into hardcore before to join the Texcore movement, engaging their audiences in the most extreme form of dance music.

Lil Texas delivers the ultimate hardcore experience through his live DJ sets, commanding a crowd beginning at 160 BPM and ending his set with the fastest music in existence. He's brought his extreme act to world-famous festivals such as EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and more, where fans will witness Lil Texas break glass bottles over his head and strip almost completely naked by the end of his set. What's more, Lil Texas continues to sell out headlining shows in multiple regions around the world, proving that hardcore has a new, exciting home in the United States. As the American captain of 200 BPM, Lil Texas will stop at nothing to make you dance until you hit the ground. "If you're ostracized, if you're fucked with, if you're the black sheep in the EDM community or your dance friends think you're weird for liking hardstyle or hardcore, I'm there for you". - Lil Texas

One of the most forward thinking artists to hit UK hardcore in the past decade, SPYRO has quickly made waves with his over the top energy, personality, and music. Slamming kick drums, larger than life attitude, and hiphop swagger come together to make this unique character. SPYRO has released hit after hit - including his infamous Short Dick Man remake which gained airplay on American national television, and his festival anthem banger Like It Like That with legends Steve Aoki & Ben Nicky. A force unlike any other in hard dance, SPYRO is a name to watch & consistently comes through as a fan-favorite DJ for his intense and engaging style.