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Wasted presents
Saturday, August 13
9pm - 2:30am.
hard dance. hardstyle. hardcore. big room. reggaeton. hiphop.
$10 advance;
$20 door.
Main Room:

From the streets of beautiful Long Beach CA, comes Geo - the king of hard trap. Now a grad student (but always a player), Geo hasn't just been doing nothing this whole pandemic. While he could have easily just gotten high and listened to the Cure, our boy Geo has been playing radio shows and live streaming and creating new beautiful sounds and collabs for our pleasure. And let's not forget that this DJ has been masking up since long before the rona hit! Geo has been making hard dance beats for years, coming up with artists like Bear Grillz and Dubloadz. Mixing live is where he shines (perhaps due to those times that he DJd a quinceañera), bringing together music of all genres under the comforting rhythms of EDM. Live mashups are like a game of spin the bottle: you don't know if you're going to get old school hiphop or a classic norteño song or a Mana hit (that your mom would love) smoothly mixed into hardstyle electro, but if and when you do you'll be happy about it. Expect lights and beats that go a million miles a second.