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So Stoked
For Pride
Friday, June 24
7pm - 2:30am.
house. d+b. hardcore. hard dance.
all ages.
$10, $15 limited advance;
$20 after;
$25 < 9pm;
$30 after.
Main Room:

EC Twins
Rene LaVice
Frank Nitty
TreeKat (Kandi Up!)


Indigo Child
Only a Misdemeanor

Above DNA:

Sammi Forest
Amber Leigh

Dazzle Room:

DJ Please
Welcome to So Stoked for Pride - a special Pride weekend rave!! This entire week is a celebration of all that is different or queer in the eyes of society. We celebrate being ourselves and expressing our choices and our love in the ways we want and feel comfortable. The rainbow colors symbolize PLURality and love of life. The open display of the flag in different forms shows that the gay community has enormously gained in self-confidence. Acceptance has always been one of the main principals of raves. Let's celebrate acceptance and equality! Let's RAVE!

Born and raised in the musically historic city of Manchester, England, Marc and Allister Blackham, also known as the EC TWINS, began their career in the House Music scene in Edinburgh, Scotland at age 16. They quickly evolved from "flyer boys" to creating and running the city's most successful nightclub: Eye Candy. The initials of the infamous nightclub stuck as the brothers are still known around the world as simply... EC Twins. The Twins have been credited as two of the most influential figures in EDM and thanks to their "British Invasion", played a large part in the explosion of Electronic Music in the USA. They began by performing in small clubs in Los Angeles and invested all of their finances into their music and performances. Their hard work paid off, turning a local fan base into an army of dedicated worldwide followers.

From finding out about Drum & Bass music via the late night broadcasts on Toronto's College Radio stations while growing up, René has travelled worlds away from where he started. Flash forward a decade or so, René's own productions are now hailed round the world as some of the genre's most iconic and innovative records in electronic dance music. He's flown world wide performing shows and cultivating the sound of D&B as a true tastemaker and leader in the genre. Following in the footsteps of legendary former hosts, René is now the Drum & Bass representative on BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, the world's biggest platform. A skilled producer and a masterful performer, Rene LaVice stays on the cutting edge of DNB dance music culture!