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Continental Touring presents
Jungle Rot + Internal Bleeding
Thursday, June 9
7:30pm - 11:30pm.
death metal. slam metal. death-core.
all ages.
$19 advance;
$25 day of show.
Performing Live:

Jungle Rot
Internal Bleeding
Embryonic Devourment
Long before the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin was a household name, the city gave birth to a thrash-tinged death metal band whose only mission is to bring metal to the masses: Jungle Rot. Long hair, fun, power-filled riffs, dark grooves, and a name that you don't wanna Google image search. Let's just say that lyrically they touch on all aspects of gore (death, war, bodily injury). In that wonderful time called the 90s, the band recorded, toured, and sharpened their death metal chops non-stop. And the band hasn't slowed down since. They've released almost a dozen albums, opened for huge names in metal, and conquered festivals beneath their feet. For decades they've been grinding away for the American (and global) public, crystallizing into the metal beast you see before you. Live, the foursome is an imposing force: aggressive vocals backed by evocative and brutal instrumentation. It's a formula that has worked for ages for headbangers worldwide.

Another metal band with a name you don't want to Google is the preeminent fathers of slam metal Internal Bleeding. For decades, these Long Islanders have been playing slam (some say they even invented the slower death metal riffs that slam is known for). Self dubbed as death metal's most dangerous band, Internal Bleeding has been bringing their danger on tour for thirty years! Many lineup changes have occurred, including current vocalist and new blood Steve Worley taking over the mic, but the ethos of the band has never wavered. Smoking bud(and/or cigars), drinking beers (and/or whiskey), and delivering the best slam metal that Long Island has to offer.