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Turbo Drive
Moris Blak + Street Cleaner
Friday, May 13
9pm - 2:30am.
synthwave. industrial bass. midtempo. chiptune. darksynth.
$20 advance;
$26 day of show.
Performing Live:

Moris Blak
Street Cleaner
Watch Out For Snakes

With DJs:

Barbary Ghost
Leaning on Heavy Metal influences, Moris Blak concocts an aggressive, and very unique industrial bass sound. He is a name that should be in the playlists of anyone who loves hard-hitting music. He is refreshing, and his thumping beats make you feel like you are dancing until sunrise at a Berlin warehouse.

Only one man strikes fear in the souls of the human garbage that walk the streets at night. Only one man is brave enough to take on the pathetic trash that plague our city and prey on the weak. And that man is the Street Cleaner.

Watch Out For Snakes is Atlanta based, 8-bit chipwave geek, Matt Baum. Layering Nes chip sounds, Wofs creates darkly energetic tracks that pay homage to old school video games and 80s films, without taking things too seriously.

Turbo Drive is the largest, and longest running Synthwave party in the world! Playing music for fans of Stranger Things, Kung Fury, Drive (movie), Turbo Kid, Neon, Lasers, Chrome, Synths, Legwarmers, Fast Cars Sci-Fi, Horror, and Neo-80s nostalgia.

Spinning music by artists like: Kavinsky, Carpenter Brut, Le Matos, Perturbator, The Midnight, FM-84, Dance with the Dead, Com Truise, Vitalic, Waveshaper, Robert Parker, Lazerhawk, Gunship, Starcadian, Electric Youth, Miami Nights 1984, 80's Stallone, Futurecop!, FM Attack, Mitch Murder, Magic Sword, Power Glove and much more!