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Nascar Aloe + Death Tour
Saturday, April 30
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 9pm.
hiphop. hardcore rap. horrorcore. punk.
all ages.
$23 advance;
$30 day of show.
Performing Live:

Nascar Aloe
Death Tour
High art is hard to come by these days, algorithms being what they are. But luckily for us music fans, North Carolina's Nascar Aloe has broken through (rumor has it there's even a Nascar Aloe coloring book, big if true). This young punk (real name Colby Suoy) brings his experience to music fans with a mix of everything: trap, rap, punk and whole lot of style. Classic liberty spikes and a leather jacket meet SoundCloud rapper standbys like face tats and devil may care non chalance. I have a sneaking suspicion that this musician can do almost anything, that we haven't even begun to see what is up Nascar Aloe's sleeve. Punk isn't chained to classic rock instruments any longer. But one thing you need to have is attitude -- a signature growl doesn't hurt either -- and Nascar Aloe's songs like "Anarchy in the US" have that and more. That being said, his recent releases (Heaven pt 2-3) haven't been SoundCloud rap at all - it's reaching early Bright Eyes level of beautiful sadness. But don't worry, that swagger will never be lost. Especially live; it's almost a certainty Nascar Aloe will bring you loud, sweaty, screaming over trap bass and live drums, and likely a whole lot of surprises that normal folks can't even conceive of. Hard to resist the cathartic power of Nascar Aloe in this day and age - so don't even try.

In your face, over the top aggression is the trademark of (the very hard to pigeonhole) duo Death Tour. It takes a lot of work to create this much chaos. Demi Yo'ko and Millions000Dead are (i imagine) best friends and muses, one a high cheekboned artiste/model and the other a hardcore punk waxing nostalgic and both are a little of each other, working together to create quite a show. On top of the actual music -industrial beats, fuzz and distortion, growled yelling a la hardcore's heyday, hiphop infused stage prowling - basically anything you could ask for in one act - are the mind blowing visuals and staging. Death Tour are a stripped down yet hyped up Gravy Train meets GG Allin for gen z party goers, toying with our petty notions of love, politics, art, friendship, and music itself. Expect plenty of high kicks and flashing lights backed by live drums, a lot of sweat and perhaps a little skin.