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So Stoked
Earth Day
Friday, April 22
7pm - 2:30am.
d+b. hardcore. house. hardstyle. j-core.
all ages.
$10, $15 limited advance;
$20 after;
$25 < 9pm;
$30 after.
Main Room:

Scotty Boy
TreeKat (Kandi Up)


DJ Styleus

Above DNA:

No Left Turn

Dazzle Room:

Just Trees
Selecta & Rayne
Stoked to go green! Finishing off Earth Day 2022, come dance and celebrate the planet we love!

Timing is everything: Years of graft and total immersion in the drum & bass underground have paid off as Turno continues to step up as one of UK bass culture's leading new-generation headliners. A versatile artist who wears his vibes on his sharply-threaded sleeves, Turno has captured the imagination and attention of the epic wave of new generation bass fans with his realness, positivity and musical dexterity. His passion and energy is palpable in every side to his craft: The notoriously riotous drive and rich reference points of his DJ sets; his broadsword discography that's rooted in all shades of drum & bass but slices deep into the realms of house and all things urban; his aspirational Time Is Now streetwear and event brand; his frequently sold out headline tours across Europe and Australia; his heavyweight collaborations with fellow titans such as Friction, A.M.C, Dominator and My Nu Leng and MCs such as P Money, Dreps and Spyda... The list goes on. Approachable, forward-thinking and stacked with support for and from the scene in which he's honed his skills, Turno is constantly looking to push and evolve his sound and take it to new places and spaces. And he's only just warming up. Timing is everything: the Time Is Now for Turno.

Scott Schroer aka SCOTTY BOY is a veteran DJ and Producer with over 25 years in the music scene under his belt. Making a name for himself as a resident DJ in Las Vegas playing alongside every big name in the industry since the early 2000's, Scotty Boy is now doing what he loves most, making House Music and playing for crowds around world. After having 3 #1 Billboard Dance hits starting in 2014 with Shiny Disco Balls, 2017 with "You're Not Alone" then 2018 with "Shine Your Love". Since then, Scotty Boy has gone on to release dozens of chart topping singles and remixes showing his diversity and love for House Music.

Rob IYF is one of the top Hardcore/Hard Dance produces in the UK. He has consistently produced top charting Hardcore tracks for the past decade, and has an outstanding reputation worldwide as one of the top upcoming artists for Hard Dance Music. He has collaborated and worked closely with fan-favorites such as S3RL, Al Storm, Bananaman, MC Sharkey and countless others. Currently, he is one of the central artists for the 24/7 Hardcore & Voodoo Panda labels pushing melodic but heavy hardcore styles. His fans are high in energy and are known for dancing from dusk until dawn to the intense beats, soaring melodies, and dynamic compositions of his music.

Above & Dazzle hosted by HARDCORE IN THE BAY! Ravers get ready! HITB: Journey to the Earth's Core

Prepare yourselves for a journey that will take us beneath the hottest volcanos, the tallest mountains and under the San Francisco Bay, to the center of the earth, where the HARD-CORE lies! A forgotten world awaits us, a land untouched for millions of years, where mystical and forgotten creatures still roam wild and HARDCORE thrives. We are the first ravers to ever witness this world, plants and animals alike thrive with our melodies and take us deeper into the unknown than we have ever been before. As we explore we are PLUR, we reunite with our lost ancestors and dance into the infinite dawn. Will you dare to join our marvelous journey and become LEGENDS OF THE CORE!