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Secret Psychedelica:
Aries 2022
Saturday, April 9
And Every 2nd Saturday
9pm - 2am.
psytrance. trance. d+b. hardcore.
$10, $15 limited advance;
$20 after;
$25 day of show.
Above DNA:

Capt Tripp
DJ MetaMate
Inspector Gadget

Dazzle Room:

Jason Reign
The Juice Box DJs
Springtime is here and the horns of Aries are sounding off! Will you heed the call of San Francisco's psytrance movement? Leading the charge is Secret Psychedelica, the city's only ongoing psytrance party! To start the new season, we welcome Quadra of United Beats Records for his first performance in Northern California since the 2019 How Weird Street Faire! Backing him up will be a select group of Aries DJs including Capt Tripp from the Pacific Northwest.

Quadra is the solo psychedelic trance project of Ido Liran from Israel. From a foundation built on the first wave of psytrance music, Ido made his debut as Quadra with a track on Tribe Music's Scorpio compilation in 1997. This led to numerous appearances on various compilations before releasing his first studio album, Digital Stimulant on BooM! Records in 2000. Afterwards, Ido has gone on to release four more full length albums and has had tracks licensed to big name psytrance labels including TIP Records, Dragonfly Records, and Transient Records. During this time, Ido teamed up with Ari Linker (aka Alien Project) to form the trance super duo, Save the Robot. Now, with the start of 2022, Ido reaffirms his place in the pantheon of global psytrance producers with his powerful, uplifting live sets backed by strong releases on Dacru Records, Pharmacy Music, and Sculpted Sounds. Expect mind altering frequencies leading to dimensional teleportation when Quadra unleashes his fresh new tunes at Aries 2022.

And as if having Quadra wasn't enough, Capt Tripp, co-founder of Washington's premiere psytrance crew Seattle PsyOps, will be in town to bring the psychedelic frequencies of the Evergreen State. Capt Tripp began DJing in 1989 and was swept up in the late 90s by the culture that the psytrance scene created. For the last 20 years, Capt Tripp has been giving back to the community that inspired him by DJing and organizing events in his hometown. His sets explore all the various sounds of psychedelic trance and present themselves in a storytelling fashion that leads dancers on a groovy journey through the night. Secret Psychedelica is pleased to bring Capt Tripp's talents to the city of San Francisco for the first time ever.

Local support in the psytrance room will come from Inspector Gadget of Fractal Frequencies, an opening ritual from DJ MetaMate from Keyframe, and the debut performance of MIB, the new project from Bay Area DJs Michael Liu and Iron Bender.

In the second room this month, we'll be celebrating the birthday of longtime Secret Psychedelica supporter and promoter, P Kitty. P Kitty, along with an all Aries lineup will bring the passionate sounds of electronic music by way of trance, drum & bass, and hardcore.