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8bitSF presents
Pow x10: A Colossal Night of Sound and Vision
Tuesday, March 22
7pm - 2:30am.
chiptunes. video game music. nerdcore.
$15 advance;
$20 day of show;
$10 door with GDC badge.
Performing Live:

MC Frontalot
Crashfaster (solo)
Janus Rose (fka Zen Albatross)
Neon Death Cat
E.N. Cowell
Space Town
Imperium Crypt


Neon Death Cat
Fetz A/V
Victoria Del Castillo
In honor of the return of GDC, 8bitSF and Monobomb Records present the epic 10th installment of Pow! Join us for a ginormous night of live chiptune and video game music, lush visuals, and gaming.

MC Frontalot is the world's 579th-greatest rapper. He is the progenitor of Nerdcore Hip-Hop and remains that subgenre's final boss.

Nullsleep is an electronic musician based in Tucson, AZ who produces high-concept / low-tech rave anthems for the end of the world. Employing outdated soundchips alongside bleeding edge hardware, he has spent the past 20 years reimagining a technological history of electronic music and mutating the genre-defining sounds in his own productions. PLUR in the face of mass extinction.

Crashfaster combines elements of 8-bit video game music, synth pop and industrial. Their songs, while bright and effervescent, are often darker and more melancholy than the work of most artists associated with the chiptune scene, reflecting themes of loneliness and disenchantment.

Janus Rose (fka zen albatross) channels apocalyptic anxiety into transcendent and liberatory techno anthems. A veteran of the NYC chip music scene, she has performed in cities across so-called North America, Australia, and Asia. She was born, currently lives, and will likely die, in Brooklyn, NY.

From San Jose, Petriform has brought energetic chiptunes and synth music to the California chipmusic scene (and beyond!) for years. Drawing unapologetically from a grab-bag bursting at the seams with genre influences including bubblegum pop, Vgm, third-wave ska, prog metal, happy hardcore, and turn-of-the-millennium pop punk, no two Petriform releases are the same - and neither are the live shows, for that matter!

LA-based Neon Death Cat is an interactive media artist who blends self-made and found footage to create colorful and explosive visual scenes. Uniting the aesthetics of digital animations, pixel, and glitch art with arcade-inspired chiptune and synth music, Neon Death Cat presents prismatic layers of light and sound.

E.N. Cowell forges future sounds with a hard throw back to his childhood imagination and the technology of new and old.

Imagine a Nintendo NES cartridge stuck inside a VCR. Now you are ready to experience Fetz Audio/Visual - a live audio & visual artist from the Bay Area. A visual alchemist, they create immersive visual mindscapes through the fusion of retro video game hardware, sci-fi, VHS, and glitch aesthetics. A lifetime love of music and video games combines to form Fetz A/V! Enjoy the ride, see you on the other side!