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Dystopia DnB:
11-Year Anniversary
Friday, March 11
9pm - 2:30am.
drum & bass.
$15 advance;
$20 day of show.
Above DNA:

Quadrant & Iris
Billy Lane
Amber Leigh
The Doctor
Cthulu Brothers
Quadrant, a Seattle native, has risen to the top of the stateside DnB scene, alongside his partner (in production, DJing, and life), Iris. Together they have toured most of the world, released tons of mixes, and released EPs and collabs with some of their favorite people in the entire world (names your friends have probably heard of, like Klute, Total Science, DLR, Ulterior Motive, and Ant TC1). If your friends still aren't convinced, make sure to mention their signature blend of deep but techy rolling vibes - only the good stuff, the stuff that makes you remember how good Drum and Bass can be.