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Wasted presents
Friday, March 4
9pm - 2:30am.
dubstep. trap. jungle. jersey. big room. hard dance.
$15 advance;
$20 door.
Main Room:

JSTJR (pronounced "gesture" but his real name James S. Tomaszewski Jr.) is your basic ass white boi DJ - his words, not mine. But you wouldn't be wrong thinking he's the Colin Jost of the EDM scene. In his younger days he played in bands before catching the dub bug and pivoting to electronic music. While he definitely puts a lot of thought into sculpting his moombahton sound designs, he's equally involved in getting to know the people in the crowd, often doing man on the street interviews to find out what they know (or don't) and racking up tons of likes on his socials-during quarantine he provided fresh livestreams to keep everyone's spirits high. He's stylish, he makes club bangers, you'll get a heady light show and you're basically guaranteed a party as he does his best to turn the crowd into thotties. JSTJR is a nice dude (he has been known to clean up hiking trails with fans and serve tacos for charity) and a good producer and label boss; he may be known for moombah sounds but is always pushing and exploring the many subgenres EDM has to offer. Though he's been live streaming and doing outdoor fests, there's nothing compared to a JSTJR club show after so many months without chopping it up for the dance floor. If you're lucky you'll run into the DJ and he'll give you a dollar, so come early.