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Noise Pop presents
Noise Pop Festival 2022:
King Woman + Spiritual Cramp
Friday, February 25
7:30pm - 12:30am.
rock. shoegaze. indie. alternative. drone. doom.
$15, $20 limited advance;
$25 after.
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Gen. Adm. — $15

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Downstairs, Admit 6 — $495
Upstairs, Admit 9 — $615
Double, Admit 12 — $810
Performing Live:

King Woman
Spiritual Cramp
Foie Gras
Rituals of Mine (DJ Set)

Above DNA:

Never underestimate the power of a woman, especially if she's got goth-tinged lyrics, doom rock vibes, and vocals like a fallen angel. Dark and brooding, King Woman confronts lead singer Kristina's religious upbringing and near death experience - the entire KW catalog is a lesson about making art from self analysis. Backed by layers of post punk fuzz, pounding drums, and aggressive instrumentals, Kris' vocals devastate as much as her lyrics. Shoegaze combines with atmosphere and a slightly metal edge to envelop listeners in a thoroughly dirgey and heavy experience, with an album cover depicting Kris as an angel with ripped off wings. King Woman is scary at times but never unpleasant, and will please a variety of listeners: goths, melodic metal fans, grunge lovers, and audiophiles at large.

Nobody does punk quite like San Francisco -- so it's always a joy and true pleasure when Bay Area punx persist through the years and come out the other side still breathing raw rock and roll. Especially after nearly two years in non-live music hell. Spiritual Cramp is one of these bands. Enjoyable for all the right reasons (read: fast, loud, and fun), this Bay Area band sounds like a classic from the early punk era imbued with a little bit of power pop and garage. It's a beautiful mixing of all the best parts of punk, the stuff that makes you dance and think and throw yourself towards the stage. A lot of attitude, power chords, catchy backing vocals, and dude power. Expect high kicks, head banging, mic swinging, and ringing ears the next day.


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