Saturday, December 4
9pm - after hours.
drag. pop.
$15 limited advance;
$20 < 11pm;
$25 after.
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Gen. Adm. — $15


Hosted by:

Obsidienne Obsurd
Chester Vanderbox

With DJ:

Dakota Pendent
Polly Amber Ross and Obsidienne Obsurd present Dragpocalypse, a new monthly drag rave! Party like there's no tomorrow as every month we explore a new feasible Apocalyptic scenario with ghoulish gogos and deadly drag artists. December - Welcome back to the Ice Age! Be it from a Volcanic Winter, Nuclear Fallout, or just good ol' Global Climate Change, the world has frosted over and we are taking refuge in the wreckage of DNA Lounge. Can you dance away the encroaching chill?

Garb yourself for the end-of-times with Scavenger Crafts leather goods, lubricate your senses with cocktails from our DNA bartenders, document your demise with photos by Hoversquid, and dance your life away with Rotating DJs.


Because antivaxxers have ruined it for everybody, you will be required to show proof of full vaccination before entering DNA Lounge: either your original CDC Vaccination Card (not a copy or photo); or a SMART Health QR Code, downloadable from and participating states and networks. A valid, government-issued photo ID is also required for entry.

You must wear a mask while indoors.

Partially vaccinated? No. Negative test? No. Student ID? No.