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Star Crash:
Synthpop Monthly
Thursday, November 18
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
synthpop. electro pop. indie dance.
all ages.
$12 limited advance;
$15 < 9pm;
$20 after.
Performing live:

Quentel The Cryptid

With DJs:

Vice Reine

Visuals by:

Fetz A/V
Gaze into the future... Star Crash beckons. This monthly synthpop live show & dance party features electronic musicians & creators from the Bay Area & beyond. Synthpop, indie dance, indie pop, electropop, space techno, darkwave, electroclash, synth rock, synthwave/popwave... all are fair game in this Neo Synth Glam Wave. Wear the sparkles, neon, LED finery and space disco attire you've been waiting forever to take out on the town!

This month's star players bringing you dance floor decadence:

Quentel the Cryptid: A Bay Area-based multimedia project with solo electronic music by Sean M, with visual & animated elements by Elly Russell in a creative branch called WitchCentipede. Surrealist storytelling with a developed universe of bizarre characters and eerie settings make for a transporting artistic vision. Fans of David Lynch, Tim Burton, and dark comic books like The Sandman and Swamp Thing will find tons to dig into in this engrossing and immersive creative universe.

Continues: The darkwave solo project of LA-based musician Dan Gatto, formerly of the seminal electronic junk punk band Babyland. Drawing from over 2 decades of engaging electronic devices and composition, Continues builds a visceral, melodic reckoning of synthpop, electro, dark disco and EBM -- arranged as pop songs for an emerging era. Continues lives for live. Performance is celebration. Visions are realized, audio spills with vocals and light. Desire and drum machines. Patterns sequenced for melody and emotion. This is a chance to connect. This is Continues.

Pleeay: An East Bay artpop duo made up of Castle (they/them, vocals & dance) and Huli (he/him, drums & production). Their performances are full of raw energy with Castle's passionate vocals and ballet-trained stage presence mixing with Huli's mind-bending, unrelenting beats. Pleeay aims to inspire people to resist the call to conform, choose consciousness over convenience, and live loudly with compassion.

NO is Kevin Laird. NO is Pop Industrial dance music. NO is dedicated to exposing the most human parts of us, in defiance of an order that rejects vulnerability, sincerity and care. NO is music for bodies and hearts.