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Bootie Mashup
Emo vs. Pop
Saturday, October 9
And Every Saturday
10pm - 2:30am.
mashups. pop. emo. throwback. hiphop. club bangers. drag.
$15 limited advance;
$20 < 11pm;
$25 after.
Main Room:

Adriana A
Jupiter Gatling


The Monster Show


Drake tribute by:
DJ Cip (Q-Bar)

Above DNA and Dazzle:

Secret Psychedelica: Libra
From the early '00s to now, we'll be throwing down all your angsty sing-along emo favorites, mashed-up with the pop we know you also love! For the 11:11 Show, we have emo drag performances from The Monster Show, while in the Hip-Hop Lounge, it's a Drake tribute from Q-Bar's DJ Cip.

Showcasing the best mashups in the world ever, Bootie Mashup has been throwing genre-fluid dance parties in San Francisco (and beyond) since 2003, shamelessly combining pop songs both throwback and current. With our fun, creative themes, our diverse team of pop pirates have won numerous nightlife awards in multiple cities for over 18 years.