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Olympus Events presents
Blunts & Blondes
Thursday, October 7
9pm - 2am.
$15, $15, $20 limited advance;
$25 advance after;
$25 door.
Main Room:

Blunts & Blondes
Star Monster
Pony Beats
From the humid wilderness of Tampa comes EDM DJ/producer Blunts & Blondes (aka Mike Guard). With his loose ponytail, baseball hat, and an ever present trail of weed smoke, you could definitely mistake the bass music prodigy for just anyone from Florida. His music is steeped in the non-EDM scene, with a lot of hiphop and reggae peeking through (on top of an already wonky mix of all the dubstep sub genres). Though he is a relatively new man on the scene, Blunts & Blondes has quickly made a name for himself. And like that name suggests, B&B is here for a good-ass time - making the dance floor his own, sweaty kingdom filled with heavy bass, famous collab partners, and a whole lot of wobbles. Some of those big name collabs include Wiz Khalifa and Bear Grillz. With cred like that, don't be surprised if blunts get passed along during a live set (but also don't take it from someone you don't know because...Covid...best to just safely roll your own). You won't need to be high to enjoy Blunts & Blondes' live set: the energy is non stop in a way only a young DJ can sustain.