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Hardcore In The Bay:
Night of the Living Rave
Saturday, October 2
9pm - 2am.
hardcore. gabber. j-core. hardstyle. d+b.
all ages.
$15 limited advance;
$20 < 11pm;
$25 after.
Above DNA:

Gutter Kid
Warrior of Light

Dazzle Room:

El Nugget
Indigo Child
J!ggy $oundz
The Buckness
🎉✨The Rave Lives ON!✨🎉

🙌✨Long Live The Rave!✨🙌

📡buzz 📡 buzz 👨‍🎤This just in!! nothing can stop these hardcore ravers from partying 🥳🤯!! Zombified hardcore ravers are gathered at DNA Lounge💀🤪, they've taken over💥!!! This is more than a party 😳 It's the night of the living rave 🥳🤪🥳!!

🎃💀"Is it october already?"💀🎃

Happy hardcore halloween!!

Pumpkin carving🎃, candy corn🌽, kandi making🍡🍭, special effects🔮🔋, super awesome lights🔦, were going to have it all 😇!

And so much 🎃halloween💀 stuff you >might< turn into a zombie ⚠️ (beware) ⚠️ !!

Feel free to bring anything you need to be comfy 👻 as well as glow sticks🕯, light gloves👋, poi🧬, and any other flow arts you are trying out! 👉(no fire <3)👈

😄And don't forget to be kind and teach plur 😁❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

(BTW, Fake and Gay is Fake and Cancelled.)