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Ahee and Xotix
Friday, September 3
9pm - 2:30am.
bass. glitch. midtempo. dubstep. electro. riddim. halftime.
Above DNA:

B Wiley
The Man, the Myth, the Energetic Genre-Bending Alien Fish, Ahee brings the bass from outer space! Getting his start touring and producing with The Lucent Dossier Experience, Ahee has become known for his prolific musical output, helpful YouTube tutorials, high quality sample packs, and crowd engaging live sets. Ahee blends a mixture of high energy dance floor bangers with sonically complex bass arrangements and good vibey tunes.

Xotix: The bass boy band from the Bay has been on a wild tear through the west coast Dubstep scene, and they won't stop until every last face has melted into the floorboards.