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Wasted presents
Friday, September 3
9pm - 2:30am.
dubstep. riddim.
$20 advance;
$30 door.
Main Room:

Lonewvlf -b2b- Skxlvtor
It's been a transformative period for us all these last long months of pandemic life, but even more so for Australian DJ/producer Marauda. Marauda (real name Hamish Prasad) shifted to his current moniker from his former nom de plume Mastadon toward the end of 2019, after too much confusion with popular metal band Mastodon. That Mastodon would be confused with Mastadon isn't surprising, especially since Marauda has a metal streak woven throughout his signature sound. Marauda is heavy (think Aweminus and Trampa)! More than you'd expect for a guy who is not yet old enough to drink in the US. He's been creating tracks since he was a young teen, so Marauda had a lot of Mastadon material to transfer over to his new persona (but ample time to do it thanks Covid!) - he even created his own label, Malignant, to release his music. His track "Future Stomp" is completely Marauda: a classic, stomping beat that is in your face paired with modern, precise elements that is sure to cause some neck snapping. Now that Marauda can return to touring and taking over the world, expect an aggressive, brutal dubstep set (and a bangover the next day).