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The Return
Sunday, August 22
6pm - 9pm.

Anton Voorhees
Brittany Wonder
Cereal Man
Dark Sheik
Best Athlete in the East Bay Golden Fannypack Champion, D Rogue
Hip Hop Harry
Juice Lee
Kenny K
Matt Carlos
Shakira Spears
The Stoner Brothers
And of course the monster atop mount Hoodslam... the Beast who Holds the Golden Gig:
El Chupacabra
The accidental phenomenon returns!

If You Have Never Attended A Hoodslam Before, Heed This Caution: You may not survive the experience. Your body and/or mind may prove incapable of handling the sensations that will reverberate throughout.

This is not a concert. This is not a wrestling show. This is Hoodslam. This is Real.

After the longest of hiatuses, we're Back! Much planning is being done still in secret!, but here's some tasty treats to satiate your Hoodslam hunger while we continue preparing this feast for the senses.

These competitors - and Many More - have been plucked by fate. Now they REbegin their journey on the chessboard of life that is the squared circle wrestling ring.