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Turbo Drive
Tonebox & Prxzm
Friday, August 20
9pm - 2:30am.
synthwave. retrowave. outrun. cyberpunk. darksynth. electro.
$20 advance;
$25 day of show.
Performing Live:


With DJs:

Danny Delorean
Meikee Magnetic

Dazzle Room: Hosted by Batcave DJs

Barbary Ghost
Emerging from the shadows of Los Angeles, Droid Bishop creates eclectic colors in the world of synth & guitar driven electronic music. Although inspired by retro sounds and aesthetics, he makes his music from somewhere in the near future. Droid Bishop avoids being boxed in a genre by progressing in his unique style and love for all the music in the galaxy.

Tonebox creates the soundtrack to your dreams with his unique blend of Electronic Synth, Electro, and Chill-Out.

Turbo Drive: the biggest, and longest running synthwave party in the world! Music for fans of: Stranger Things, Kung Fury, Drive, Turbo Kid, and neo-80s nostalgia. Neon, Lasers, Chrome, Synths, Legwarmers, Fast Cars. This is the soundtrack for Carefree drives along the beach, Day-go legwarmer aerobics, Sunsets over laser grids, Outrunning the cops in a cyberpunk dystopia, Falling in love with your first robot crush, and occasionally Summoning the unholy forces from the depths with a keytar.

Spinning music by artists like: Kavinsky, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Dance with the Dead, Com Truise, Gost, Robert Parker, Cut Copy, Barretso, Lazerhawk, Chromeo, College, Anoraak, Electric Youth, Miami Nights 1984, 80's Stallone, Tesla Boy, Dvas, Futurecop!, The Outrunners, FM Attack, Flashworx, Mitch Murder, Noir Deco, Garth Knight, Power Glove, Protector 101 and much more!