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Star Crash:
A Monthly Synthpop Event
Thursday, July 22
doors @ 8pm;
show @ 8:30pm.
synthpop. electro pop. indie dance.
all ages.
Performing Live:

Great Highway
Ryan Flynn

With DJs:

Vice Reine

Live Visuals by: Fetz A/V

Plus a special screening of a new music video by Le Fomo!
Now reinitializing the cosmic collision... STAR CRASH is back! A monthly synthpop soiree from the other side of space, featuring a prismatic panoply of live electronic musicians & creators from the Bay Area & beyond. Synthpop, indie dance, indie pop, electropop, synth rock, darkwave, electroclash, synthwave/popwave... all are fair game in this Neo Synth Glam Wave. Wear all your sparkles, neon, LED finery and space disco attire you've been waiting forever to take out on the town!

The star players bringing you dance floor decadence:

Great Highway: Over 5 albums and 8 years, the Bay's own Great Highway has blossomed into a high-energy live electronica outfit steeped in the culture of the local scene. Their upbeat songs package sometimes-hopeful, sometimes-sorrowful lyrics; lush, moody synth vibes; and live alto saxophone, electric harp, and guitar. With an emotional grandeur reminiscent of indie giants like Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens, wrapped in the sophisticated dance floor hedonism of festival favorites Rufus Du Sol and Odesza, Great Highway take you on a free-wheeling musical journey that embraces the fullness of human experience, from the dazzling light of joy and connection, to the dark and somber twists life can bring.

Ryan Flynn: Originally begun as an experimental side project while in film school, Ryan Flynn has since evolved into a perpetual orb-praising space pop venture. Inspired by electronic soundscapes and the power of funk, ryan flynn brings synthesized bops to fellow explorers of the world. Orb and ryan flynn invite you to leave the pressure of life behind and take a step outside of what seems like yesterday to find automatic love. Praise Orb. Spread love.

Ponyskull is one girl, two synths, and a drum machine. Her heartfelt songs are true confessions of finding (or losing) herself in San Francisco. Inspired by everything 80s, she blends her singer-songwriter sensibilities with her New Wave aesthetic in a way that's honest and vulnerable, but also catchy and danceable.