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Alternative Decade:
Thursday, May 20
7:30pm - 11pm.
alternative rock. modern rock. synthpop. new wave.
all ages.
The event is free to watch, but all donations will go to support our artists and DNA Lounge, so that we can continue to bring you shows like this. Please donate!

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With DJ:

Callum McGowan (New Wave City)


Daemon Core
Obscure 80s alternative rock, 80s modern rock, 80s synthpop and 80s new wave, live from the DNA Lounge Main Room!

It's Callum's birhtday! There will be cake! The parklet will be open for pizza and booze, and there will video screens to watch and listen to '80s alternative music of yesteryear under the stars! Come celebrate with us!

Come hang out in person at DNA Lounge! We have sound and video of the show out front, so join us in our parklet for socially-distanced socializing, pizza and outdoor cocktails! DNA Pizza is open every day, serving from 4pm to 11pm.