Sunday, February 14
Valentine's Day
4pm - 9pm.
hardcore. bounce. gabber. frenchcore.
Main Room:

DJ Carrotkore
Lucy Stoner
Rafer Rawb


Plus guests, TBA!
Ravers can you feel it!!!! Love is in the air!!!!! 😍🎯😻🎯🥰🎯😻🎯😍 A brighter day is on the horizon✨☀️✨

And we are the generation of the future⭐️💥⭐️ tTme to celebrate love the way it was ment to be... hardcore! 💕💘

Put on your onesie 👻 crack open some glow sticks 🚀 put on your kandi 🍭and get ready to love!💓💓💓