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Jain Dowe presents
Apothecary Raree
Friday, December 4
DJ: 7:30pm, Show: 8pm - 10pm.
burlesque. electro swing. neovintage.
Featuring performances by:

Elyse Elaine
Jain Dowe
Madamn Burnz
Mocha Fapalatte
Alotta Boutté
Shannon Gaines
Sgt. Die Wies
Snatch Adams

With DJ:

Limbs Akimbo

Cabaret at 8pm -- DJ before and after!
Come hang out in person at DNA Lounge! We have sound and video of the show out front, so join us in our parklet for socially-distanced socializing, pizza and outdoor cocktails! DNA Pizza is open every day, serving from 4pm to 10pm.

San Francisco's Neovintage & Electroswing Cabaret and Dance party, straight from the Interweb Heart of DNA Lounge! This time with a Gothic Americana twist! Where Music is Medicine and Performance is Panacea! Cures what ails ya!