Sunday, November 22
2pm - 3:30pm.
Do you like ROBOTS? And DRINKING? Experience incredible robot bartenders that serve drinks, lovingly crafted with MAD SCIENCE by the finest practitioners in the art of robotics and bartending.

Since we can't have our usual in-person debauchery for this, our seventh annual Cocktail Robitics event, this year we are instead we're bringing you an in-depth look at some of the robots that have participated in the event in years past. This webcast will feature demos, and in-depth interviews with the creators of some of the finest cocktail robots in the world!

What do we look for in a cocktail robot?

Style and Grace: How clever, how dapper is that robot of yours?

Efficiency of Intoxication: Are the drinks it makes good?

Full-Assery: The opposite of halfassery. Does the infernal device actually work, or do you have to stand there tweaking it constantly?

This Will End Badly: Extra consideration is given for terrible ideas and Mad Science.