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In Exile
Sunday, November 15
7pm - midnight.
electro. big beat. trance. cyberpunk.
With DJs:


Plus the rollerblading Cyberdelia gogo dancers!
"Hackers penetrate and ravage delicate public and privately owned computer systems, infecting them with viruses, and stealing materials for their own ends. These people, they are terrorists."

Since 2015, DNA Lounge has been throwing this epic HACKERS-inspired cyberpunk dance party, and we're not going to let a little thing like a global pandemic keep us down.

Watch online, or join us in person at the DNA Pizza Parklet for masked socializing and head-to-head WipEout XL gaming!

No movie screening, costume contest or skate ramps this time, and unfortunately the olympic-sized swimming pool on the roof is closed for repairs. But we have pizza!

Your donations are the only thing that makes these sorts of free webcasts possible -- because they're trashing our nightlife! Trashing it! They're trashing it! Support us at dnalounge.com/donate/ and HACK THE PLANET!