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Starpause + Bleeds + Triss
Saturday, September 19
6pm - 10pm.
chiptunes. video game music.
Performing Live:


With DJs:

Crashfaster with special guest Dragonoid
DJ Suits

Projections by: Victoria Del Castillo

Visuals by: Dæmon Core
8bitSF brings the sounds of Chiptune, Lo-Fi, Electronic and Video Game Music back to the DNA Lounge webcast!

Starpause (San Francisco, CA) conjures vaportwitch from retro computers, game consoles, and consumer electronics. Get secure in your weird and strap in for a genre-bender that will leave you brain-dancing home sans-shame.

(Mike) Bleeds (San Diego, CA) enjoys making chiptune music with nintendo gameboys running LSDJ.

Triss (Oakland, CA) is a Trans Xicana nerd who makes tunes.