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In Exile
Tuesday, September 15
6:30pm - midnight.
electro. big beat. trance. cyberpunk.
With DJs:


Plus the rollerblading Cyberdelia gogo dancers!
"Hackers penetrate and ravage delicate public and privately owned computer systems, infecting them with viruses, and stealing materials for their own ends. These people, they are terrorists."

At 5pm PDT, Hackers Curator is hosting a movie watch-a-long with live commentary from celebrity guests at twitch.tv/hackerscurator. Guests include:
  • Laurence Mason - Lord Nikon
  • Peter Kim - Blade
  • Darren Lee - Razor
  • Iain Softley - Director
  • Renoly Santiago - Phantom Phreak
  • Roger Burton - Costumes
Join us immediately after for a cyberpunk dance party in lockdown, live from the DNA Lounge main stage: dnalounge.com/webcast/

Your donations are the only thing tha makes these sorts of free webcasts possible! dnalounge.com/donate/