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Acid Rain:
Streaming Sessions
Friday, May 1
6pm - 2am.
psytrance. trance. house. techno.
With DJs: (alphabetical)

Axel Holmes
Michael Liu
Psy, trance, house, and techno streaming! Tune in and party in place with all the best beats streamed straight to your homes! Don't stop the music and keep the Friday night rave going!

Adam Danieluk is the name behind the project Brainless. The project is about driving basslines, powerful leads and glitchy sounds. Inspired by many psytrance styles and artists like Avalon, Tristan, Outsiders, Shivatree, Electric Universe etc. My productions have been released on Geomagnetic Records, Ovnimoon Records, Dacru Records and more. My goal is to move people and put a smile on their faces .

Known for his detailed and surgical mixing style, a well curated taste of music and the ability to weave a story through a set regardless of style or time of day - Paradigm is a DJ's DJ. A rare slice of the old school that still believes in the "art of the mix" and the story telling journey aspect of a performance. Residing in Los Angeles since 2013, Paradigm has found himself a mainstay of the United States Psychedelic scene for multiple generations having previously called San Francisco, Denver and the American Midwest as home. As both a event promoter and DJ he has long brought forth an ethic of professionalism and exceptionalism.