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Saturday, April 4
doors @ 5:30pm;
show @ 6pm - 10pm.
all ages.
$20 advance;
$22 day of show.
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Gen. Adm. — $20

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Upstairs, Admit 6 — $340
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Double, Admit 12 — $680
Do you want to know what the end of the world sounds like? The terror one can feel while being driven to the realms of insanity? Well, you're in luck. Origin are the reigning champions in grinding death metal precision. With their cyclone speed picking and thunderously precise drumming they infiltrate your body and force you to march along.

Beneath the Massacre is a Canadian death metal band from Montreal, Quebec. Their new album Fearmonger not only showcases an insane amount of brutality, it also lifts the bar of the technically and physically feasible. The level of accuracy and precision has no equal, while the band manages to still write transparent, coherent and extremely strong songs. Watch out!"

Defeated Sanity was formed in Dachsbach, Germany in 1994 by guitarist Wolfgang Teske and drummer Lille Gruber, initially as a side project. What makes Defeated Sanity such a desired band in the metal world? After all, they continue to release brutal death metal, an alternative subgenre for the truly twisted and debaucherous mass of souls who need some fresh gore in their lives.

Wake have never stood still musically. Whether with blindingly fast tempos, lacerative metallic riffs or achingly ominous, thunderous doom, the band has never feared bending any musical theme to its will. One constant theme has always held every song together, throughout the band's decade-long history: pure, depressive void. WAKE push to redefine how expansive and dynamic grindcore and extreme metal can be.

Drawing influences from black metal acts such as Dissection, Watain through to the glorious madness of an artist such as Roky Erikson, the band demonstrate a sound and direction unlike any other. With the release of the single 'Time Is The Blood Of Death' in 2017, Thangorodrim set a new course for the bands compositions and writing for the new album surfaced from a howling depth.